Penn & Sally

While working on a piece for Country Roads Magazine about Madewood Plantation, I ran into Penn and Sally.  They were guests of the house and they happened to be celebrating their wedding day!

As Sally was freshening up, Penn told me the story of how they ended up together. It's a sweet story of these two kids who initially met in college but lost touch as life took them different ways. Fast forward about 40 years and, in a moment of serendipity, Penn and Sally found themselves in the same room, standing next to one another.  It's been four years since that fateful evening, and here they are now!


Lacy & Bobbi Sneak Peek

It poured on Lacy & Bobbi's NYE wedding, but that didn't stop them from enjoying every moment of ringing in the New Year with their closest friends & family. I can't wait to share the rest of the photos... their love is truly one of a kind. 


We photographed Yasi & Peter's beautiful wedding 3 years ago.  It was a cold cold day, but they had a beautiful wedding surrounded by friends and family from *literally* all over the world.  The love surrounding all of us helped everyone to forget all about the whistling wind and to-your-bones chill.  Now Peter & Yasi have two beautiful babies! Oh how time flies.



We had such a great time celebrating with Kaitlin and Anthony at their wedding! From the beginning they totally trusted my vision for their day, making it extra fun to create beautiful imagery for them.  I can't wait to see these in their custom album

Location: Hilton Hotel Baton Rouge
Flowers: Poppy & Mint
Cake: Les Amis Bake Shoppe
Dress: Bustle Baton Rouge
Planning and Decorating: Truly Haute Weddings

1 6.jpg
1 8.jpg
1 14.jpg
1 12.jpg


Here's a sneak peek from Blaze & John's totally stunning, completely love filled, French Quarter courtyard wedding.  Feeling the black & white today, so that's what I'll share :-) Enjoy!

This Boot is full of water...

Louisiana, my home, is currently underwater. Luckily my family and I are all safe and dry, but many of my friends were not so lucky.  Louisiana is the earth beneath my feet, the air I breathe, and the blood in my veins. It's the place that's given me incredible life for the past 24 years.

Life has gone on here in New Orleans, but I know just an hour away my neighbors are struggling - and they need our help.  That being said, for every single Wedding Collection booked by 9/30/16, we will be donating 20% to victims suffering from the flood in South Louisiana.

This incredible community has helped to build this small business. Now it's time to show you that we have your back too.

Interested in having us photograph your wedding or elopement? Contact us HERE.


New Orleans Elopements: Important Document Checklist

Dreaming of an Elopement in New Orleans? Whether you say "I Do" in our historic Vieux Carre, or under the magnificent live oaks of City Park, here are less fun, but very important documents you'll need to remember to bring along with you.

- Current state ID, passport, or driver's license
- Certified Birth certificates & Social Security numbers
- Nonrefundable $27.50 for a marriage license in Orleans Parish. CASH.
- $5.50 for a copy of your Marriage Certificate
- Must be there in person to apply
- Certified Final divorce decree, if previously married
- Certified Death certificate, if widowed

- Louisiana residents have a 72 hour waiting period between the issuing of a license and the wedding. This may be waived by a judge - call the First City Court for more information: 504.407.0400.
- Non Louisiana residents 72 hour waiting period may be waived by an Orleans registered officiant upon application citing "serious and meritorious reasons."
- License is good for 30 days.
- Plan to get to the Second City Court by 2pm at the latest.
- Certified copies of your Marriage Certificate are not included, you must purchase a copy at a cost of $5.50.

1450 Poydras St, 4th floor
NOLA, 70112
HOURS: 830-3 M-F, except holidays
PH: 504.593.5100

225 Morgan St
NOLA, 70114
HOURS: 9-3 M-F, except holidays
*arrive by 2!!!*


Self portraiture has always been a form of self discovery for me. Sort of like acting, I always thought of playing and expressing different parts of my personality as a fun challenge.

It's been over a decade now since I started teaching myself the nuances of portraiture this way, and I still do it. No pressure experimentation is fun, plus it's led to some of my favorite techniques to use with clients. And I'm gonna have a pretty kick-ass archive of self portraits to look back on when I'm old

This is twenty-four.

a little bit of southern posh

Little details ...of the tablescape variety... styled by Southern Creative Co.


Anna & Torey's Engagements // Love & Emotion workshop

Sunday, Mark Eric held his awesome Love & Emotion workshop at Melady House in Alexandria, Louisiana. I often shoot for Mark's brand so I decided to go to meet new photographer friends, hang out with old ones, and learn from everyone! We had a total blast and some AMAZING sets to photograph. 

When we all got settled in, Mark told us that he'd be shooting a real engagement session for one of his clients.  I had no idea this was happening when his wife, Heather, recruited me to shoot some frames as well. Little did she know, she was throwing me into the deep end! This was my first workshop and I am a people watcher by nature until I can get a feel for everything. & now, right off the bat, she wants me to shoot in front of 35 other photographers, & for an actual client!? AH. 
But that's one of the things I love about Heather. You can be a nervous wreck and she's still bouncing around forcing you to get in there and take charge. She's pretty balls to the wall & watching her taught me to be more assertive in my approach. I still take time to hang out in the background during weddings & events, but now I do take the initiative to work with the couple/subject to create the images I want.  (*Also, a pro tip for shooting with Heather.... she talks a lot while she shoots. When I learned to shut my mouth (I like to talk to...heh) and listen to her, I learned a LOT.)

Anyway, all of that aside, here are the couple photos I shot in my style & edited for me. Of course I worked in Mark's style too. None of those shots are pictured here, but maybe one or two will make it onto Mark's blog! I can't wait to see what Heather does with em ;-)

ALSO a special thanks of course goes to Mark, for all of the opportunity and knowledge he continuously gives me. I am so thankful for you!



Lake Martin, Louisiana

Lake Martin is a fresh water lake in southeast Louisiana about 20 minutes from where I grew up.  While home for Spring holiday, I went out with my brother and dog & was greeted with a beautifully eerie landscape that was somehow much, much more beautiful than I'd remembered.

It was the moment I realized I truly am a swamp kid at heart.

Shena & George :: A Stroll In The Marigny

Shena and George are two wonderful friends of mine... We met a few years ago and immediately became friends, so I was so excited to photograph their engagement photos!  We kept it low key and incorporated the warm & fresh style of their home into the photos. They wanted the images to reflect their down-to-earth nature so after a few cocktails, we took to the streets of their neighborhood for photos. I am so excited for these two!

shena & george 1(1).jpg


Who doesn't love brunch? I know I do - especially when I'm abroad.  The cuisine of a country is a HUGE part of my travel experience & in Costa Rica I had two exceptionally delicious meals...

The first was in Manuel Antonio at a tiny hotel restaurant.  I ordered camarones con arroz - shrimp with rice. Simple but packing a punch.  Stir fried Costa Rican style with hearts of palm, cilantro, chili pepper, and garlic. Yum. 

& the second was mashed corn with tomato and vegetables steamed in a banana leaf.  If you know me, you know I love grits, haha, so this dish was right up my alley. 

Phases of A Herradura Sunset

A brilliant pastel sunset graced us on my first night in Costa Rica.  We watched from the pool as we lounged around with pineapple & Mahi Mahi on the grill...hello, paradise!  I wanted to photograph the sunset, but instead of shooting a panorama, I photographed the coast in pieces, each at a different stage of the sun setting.   



Truck Farm Tavern / St. Rose, LA

I love photographing food as a side project. It keeps things fresh and me on my toes! Last month I had the opportunity to go out to Chef Brack May's (of Cowbell) new restaurant in St. Rose,  Truck Farm Tavern.  Homey ambiance, awesome food, and right on the levee. If you're lucky you might even spot a few peacocks hanging out on the back porch!